Bridesmaid’s Dress Trends for 2016


As 2016 winds to the halfway mark we look at the prevailing Bridesmaids’ dress trends in 2016.  While a wedding is a big day for a bride, after finding her dream wedding dress, a bride should make sure that her bridesmaids look almost equally good and that the ensemble of leading ladies around her have dresses that either fall in line with her or complement her dress positively.  She should make sure that the style, silhouette and overall look for your wedding day is perfect.  Here are the prevailing trends for this year:


Dresses with added pomp:

This year is seeing more and more of bridesmaids’ dresses with an added dash of pomp using either sequins, lace, or jeweled accents.  Part of the reason behind it is that bridesmaids want to get the most for their buck out of the investment in their dresses to be able to wear the dress as party wear and evening or cocktail attire and part of It is to add a much needed multi-cultural dash to shine up the bride.


Mix N’ Match Wedding Party:

This trend that has been around for a while is continuing in full force, where bridesmaids wear mix and match colored dresses all in different colors or different shades of a single color that complement the bride’s dress.  The appeal seems to be the endless number of combinations both in style and colors that can be had driving this trend to continue.


Floral Print Dresses:

Again, like the Mix n’ match trend floral print trend has also been around for a good number of years but has proved to be resilient due to the infinite number of combinations prints, dress designs and other distinguishing factors that can be had in a dress when choosing a floral print bridesmaid dress.


Tiered Skirts:

Tiered skirts dresses are a slight deviation from the traditional bridesmaid’s’ dresses, but it is the variation that makes all the difference.  The added style, the drama and redefining different parts of her body are what makes this perfect to dance the night away. In a sense, the tiered skirts make each one of the bridesmaids their princesses hunting to find the perfect prince.


Two Piece:

Two piece bridesmaid’s dresses are a bold new direction in defining a bold new era in style.  These two pieces are not only limited to a skirt and a top; but bridesmaids are also making all kinds of creative and very personal fashion statements with the two piece trend.  Be it a skirt and top or a pant and a top.  Dance away for the big day.


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